Grievance Redressal Cell

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Dr.Sandeep Kumar



Dr.Shubh Lata



Dr. A P Dadhich



Dr.Eenal Bhambri



Mr.Ranjit Singh

Member (Maintenance)


Mr.Vikas Arora

Member (Maintenance)


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Composition of the Committee

Standard Operating Procedure

Mechanism of receiving student’s grievances

  1. Aggrieved student needs to register the grievance on the ONLINE STUDENTS GRIEVANCES REGISTRATION PORTAL on ERP :-
  2. Grievance is filed under education/maintenance/IT/ragging or harassment subheading.
  3. If there is any technical issue with the portal, aggrieved student can fill out the grievance form available with the hostel warden and submit the hard copy of grievance to the grievance committee.
  4. Registered grievance at the Institute’s portal will be directed to the grievance committee on the online portal and the aggrieved student as well as the grievance head gets notification via email.
  5. In case of education/maintenance/IT, Institute head must ensure that the grievance shall be addressed with best efforts and shall be tried to be resolved within 14 working days, excluding unforeseen technical issues.
  6. In case of ragging/harassment, depending upon the level of severity of the grievance submitted, it will be decided if the situation can be handled by the in charge or enquiry committee has to be set up and the action has to be taken the very next day.
  7. The student grievance redressal committee shall set an enquiry committee and fix a date for hearing the grievance which shall be communicated to the institution head and the aggrieved student.
  8. An aggrieved student may appear either in person or authorize a representative to present the case. He/She may have an option to call a witness by filling out the form with contact details and relation of the witness.
  9. The committee in-charge will ensure that good, fair and transparent hearing be held, with no bias towards gender, cast, creed or religion.
  10. The enquiry committee shall, after giving reasonable opportunities of being heard to both parties, on the conclusion of proceedings, pass such order, with reasons there for, as may be deemed fit to redress the grievance and provide such relief as may be appropriate to the aggrieved student.
  11. The institute as well as the aggrieved student shall be provided with copies of the order under the signature of the institute head and the institute shall place it for general information on the notice board.
  12. After the action, the grievance committee in-charge puts a remark on the portal as resolved and both the student and in-charge are notified.
  13. In case the student is unsatisfied with the action taken, he may file the complaint again.
  14. In case a complaint is found to be false or frivolous, The Grievance committee may recommend appropriate action against the complainant.