About Course

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course is an under graduate course to become a dentist. It consist of four years of theory and clinical course followed by one year rotatory internship leading to bachelor’s degree in dentistry. The BDS course curriculum is according to the Dental Council of India and as regulated by the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences.

Career Opportunities

  • Clinical Practice
  • Further studies/ fellowships
  • Master of Dental Surgery and Clinical practice
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Government administrative services
  • Hospital Administration.

Course Highlights

Dissection and Lab work

During the first and second year of the course the students learn about human body, its Physiology, Biochemical aspects and Dental Materials. Anatomy dissection performed in details in the dissection theater, form an integral and important part of first year of BDS acquainting them with the human body. Students learn the basics of Biochemistry, Physiology , Pathology, Microbiology in well furnished labs. This prepares them to conduct and interpret tests and test reports.

Pre-clinical work

The students start their foundation for clinical work by doing pre-clinical work on models and simulation labs which begins in 1st BDS and continues through throughout the course. The pre-clinical exercised are designed to develop dexterity and apply the clinical principles on human simulation models before actually performing the procedures on patients.

Clinical observership

Once the students are through their pre-clinical work, they observe various procedures performed by the faculty. During this, they also learn various aspects of clinical treatment and patient management. They also participate in diagnosis and treatment planning for specific patients in all the departments.

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops

Gaining expertise in a particular topic, literature reviewing and public speaking skills are honed by way of seminar presentation throughout the course. As doctors,these skills are essential for a rewarding professional career

Clinical work

Graduates begin handling patients, first by assisting the faculty while performing the procedures, followed by independently handling a wide array of patients in all the departments. In addition to performing clinical procedures, students also handle clinical workups of patients, OPD and post-operative care.