Program Description

At the beginning of their training, the orthodontic residents work constantly under the guidance of faculty members to examine, diagnose and treat patients with various complaints related to their malaligned teeth and unaesthetic appearances. They are trained to do various pre-clinical exercises like wire bending of removable appliances, fabrication of various active appliances, soldering exercises, typhodont exercises, training in basic fixed appliance techniques like Begg, edgewise and straight wire, making of the cephalometric file, model analysis, basics of orthodontic diagnosis.
After completion of the basic pre-clinical training, the residents enter clinics and work under the supervision and guidance of the faculty members to deliver the best possible treatment according to the patient’s needs.
Clinical case discussions are carried out regularly in the department to formulate the treatment plan which would best suit the patient’s needs and fulfill the treatment objectives as well.

Clinical Experience

The 3 year-long programme provides ample exposure to the residents in the field of orthodontics. They learn to deal with a variety of clinical situations and plan the best possible treatment for patients accordingly.

They are trained in fixed mechanotherapy using metal bracket systems, ceramic or aesthetic bracket systems, as well as newer modalities such as lingual systems and clear aligner systems.

Orthopaedic appliances like myofunctional appliances and headgear are also fabricated and delivered as per the requirements of the patients.

Orthodontic mini-implants are also widely used in correcting various malocclusions with precision and great success.

Various procedures which require an inter-disciplinary approach like orthognathic surgeries, cleft lip surgeries, cleft palate surgeries, and full mouth rehabilitation procedures are also planned and carried out.

Seminar & Journal Reviews

Regular seminars are held in the department which aim at covering the basics and overall scope of the speciality over 3 years. Each resident is allotted the seminars to help them develop oration skills thus leading to their overall grooming.

To emphasize the importance of various clinical advancements and ongoing research in the field of orthodontics, regular reviews of the current articles as well as classic articles are conducted regularly in a meeting of residents and faculty members.

Research & Publications

During the course, each resident is expected to complete atleast one detailed Research Work, one Library Dissertation, and one Publication as a part of the curriculum. They are encouraged to take up as many research works as possible.

The residents are also required to attend various Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops. They are also encouraged for Paper and Poster presentations.

CDE Programmes & Workshops

To continuously brush up the skills of the residents and keep them motivated as well as updated with the latest technological advancements and research in the field of orthodontics, various CDE programmes and workshops are frequently conducted to aid in their continuing dental education.

CDE programmes on orthognathic surgeries have been conducted in the department. Live surgeries were also performed for demonstration of surgical procedures.

Workshops and programmes on the importance of photography, the significance of an inter-disciplinary approach , early vs late treatment for the management of skeletal malocclusions and recent advances in orthodontics have been conducted in the department.