Best Practices

State of Art Prosthetic Service Lab

Objectives of the Practice

  • Manufacture or customize a variety of products to assist in the provision of oral health care by a licensed dentist. These products include crowns, bridges, dentures and other dental
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good quality of standard laboratory equipments
  • Ability to maintain a clean, efficient and organized work environment
  • To be in sync with contemporary standards/ methodology of teaching
  • Providing more optimal practice conditions to smooth the transition from the traditional model-based simulation laboratory to the clinic

The Practice

  • World class equipments with the help of trained technicians can provide the quality work to the patients.
  • Rarest flexible denture machine can treat the patients with flexible prosthesis at nominal rates.
  • Centralized air conditioned ceramic furnace lab having pressable ceramic furnace other than conventional vita furnace.
  • In addition the lab is equipped with induction casting machine, sand blasters, and visible light curing units. Vacuum moulding machines, milling machines, wax heaters, wax carvers, intra-oral sand blasters etc.

Evidence of Success

  • Patients get quality work
  • Patient’s satisfaction with minimal treatment cost
  • Minimum time to complete treatment.

Confraternity and Diverse Services

Objective of the practice

  • To inculcate the virtue of community service in the budding doctors.
  • To bring out the character of empathy and service to the underprivileged.
  • To keep the motto of “Service before self”.
  • Attention to the oral and dental needs of the rural & urban population.
  • To bring about dental health awareness and preventive treatment to the children in schools.
  • To enlighten the masses on the misuse of tobacco and its ill effects.
  • To impart treatment to patients in old age homes, behind the bars, home for destitute and mentally and physically challenged children.


The Context

  • The philanthropic philosophy is kept topmost while treating patients.
  • By instilling the value of service before self and service to the underprivileged a feeling of satisfaction and peace is experienced by the staff and student.

The practice

  • The institution has a very vibrant public health department.
  • They plan the community health and extension activities in consultation with other departments.
  • Two Rural Satellite dental clinics are set up in villages. Faculty and students are posted in rotation to manage these centers where dental screening, oral health education and treatment are carried out. All treatments are given at nominal rates.
  • Patients from remote areas are admitted as in patient.
  • Regular oral health camps are held for the community at schools, jails, army cantonment, villages, old age homes, orphanages and destitute mentally and differently abled persons .
  • Routine dental procedures are planned and treatment is carried out in the mobile dental van. At times patients are also brought to the hospital for extensive treatment.
  • The institution along with Rotary club, Sri Ganganagar holds training camp in which the team tries to educate the community in the rural setup, as they have direct contact with the villagers and children.
  • Regular camps are held and students are encouraged to hold road shows, flash mobs and skits to highlight the ill effects of tobacco and counseling is also done to give up tobacco.
  • The students and staff conduct camps for detection of precancerous condition and surveys are carried out to analyze and evaluate the cause and means of prevention.
  • Blood donation camps are held during the ‘To save a life campaign’ and faculty & students donate blood for the cause of mankind.
  • The students and faculty contributes to relief funds for natural calamities.
  • Many overnight free denture camps have been conducted at remote places for needy people by department of Prosthodontic. Dentures were delivered within 24 hours.

Evidence of success

  • It has been seen in the institution how well the above practices have improved the outlook of the faculty and students towards the community and underprivileged.
  • The regular participation of students has increased.
  • A feeling of wanting to give back to society is evident.
  • Posters on health care, flip charts, movies have been prepared by the students to help in the oral health education.
  • A very positive feedback has been received from the community for the service our institution has rendered.
  • The smiling faces of the differently abled children are a testimony for our service.
  • Commendation letters have been received for the community service.
  • Blessings from old peoples after receiving dentures within 24 hours are probably the most significant and valuable blessing for the institute.